Hit the ground running

Ready to jump into the Distribute.mil action? This should get you going by requesting an account on the right system.

How do you Distribute?

Want to get into the action? You’ll need an account. Distribute.mil has different account types based on usage needs and user types, and they fall under two categories — Government and Commercial.

Getting a government Distribute.mil account

NIPRNet (Unclassified) Government Distribute.mil icon

Distribute.mil government accounts are for government and military personnel, and require a Common Access Card (CAC). To get a government NIPRNet account, you’ll have to send a digitally signed email to the helpdesk via the NIPRNet (Unclassified) using your CAC. You’ll need to give us some information so we can be sure you’re who you say you are.

Request an account

Getting a commercial Distribute.mil account

Commercial Distribute.mil icon Commercial

Are you a commercial vendor filling DoD distribution orders? Distribute.mil Commercial provides access for vendors to coordinate commercial distribution operations. Access to the commercial site requires an account with Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA).

Request ETA account